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Each month, our Founder & President, Deborah Ellick shares her thoughts and insights on topics from early childhood education and our Purposeful Play philosophy.  She shares her own insights as well as research and advice from leading experts in the field.

Little Julie is two and has had her mom and dad’s undivided attention her entire life. Mom has been showing Julie her “tummy” and that “a baby is coming” for the last few months. Julie gets mad a Mommy because Mommy does not “pick me up”. What can I do to prepare Julie...

Did you know that your child’s stomach is as big as their fist? Over the years many parents of toddlers have asked me “Why isn’t my child eating all the food I bring at lunch time”. “My child is so picky”. The children’s lunch box is filled with a cup of sliced fruit,...

Many of our Sugar Plum families enjoyed my last post about the value of playing with playdough.  I thought a fun follow-up would be to share my recipe for homemade playdough.  

I'm not opposed to the commercial playdough, but many parents do wonder what's insi...

Playdough.  You remember playing with it as a kid.  Hours and hours of playing with playdough.  And now you're thinking: is it time to let me child play with playdough?  If he's older than two, the answer is yes!  Playdough - this simple toy - is actually an extraordin...

Parents oftentimes ask, “What do you think kids learn through block play?” A lot!  The team at  the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) just recently answered that very question, and here were their expert responses*:



  1. ...

Marcia L. Nell and Walter F. Drew, authors of the book From Play to Practice: Connecting Teachers' Play to Children's Learning*, stress that there are five key elements of meaningful play:

1. Children make their own decisions.

Play is most meaningful when kids make...

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